FS Barcelona is a newly-created non-formal group and a proud member of the esteemed Formation et Sensibilisation Network (FSN). With a vision to create a positive impact on youth and youth workers in Catalunya, FS Barcelona draws inspiration and knowledge from the established FSN and FSL (Formation et Sensibilisation Luxembourg) organizations.

As a part of FSN, FS Barcelona shares a common mission to empower young people and promote societies that uphold human rights, embrace diversity, and foster a sense of responsibility towards the social and natural environment. Their journey began with a firm commitment to instigate positive change and make a difference in the lives of young individuals in Catalunya.

FS Barcelona is passionate about creating an inclusive and supportive environment where youth and youth workers can flourish, learn, and develop essential skills. They believe in the power of non-formal education as a potent tool for personal and professional growth. By leveraging the valuable expertise and experiences of FSL and FSN, FS Barcelona is well-equipped to design and implement impactful programs and initiatives.

With a particular focus on Catalunya, FS Barcelona aims to promote inclusivity, integration, and coexistence while cherishing the diverse cultural tapestry that enriches the region. By organizing educational events, training courses, seminars, and youth exchanges, they seek to raise awareness about human rights, civic participation, cross-cultural dialogue, and integration.

FS Barcelona recognizes the importance of collaboration and cooperation in achieving their objectives. They are eager to foster strong partnerships with local, regional, and international organizations, as well as with other professional and public bodies, to amplify their efforts and create a broader network of support.

At the core of their endeavors lies a dedicated team of individuals who share a passion for youth and civic education. By utilizing the collective wisdom of FSN and FSL, they aim to create a nurturing environment where young people can thrive, develop critical skills, and gain valuable insights into various global issues.

FS Barcelona extends a warm invitation to the youth and youth workers of Catalunya to join them on this transformative journey. Whether you have prior experience or are new to the world of non-formal education, FS Barcelona welcomes everyone with open arms. Together, they aspire to shape a brighter future for Catalunya, where the youth are empowered, informed, and ready to contribute positively to society.

Head of the non-formal group: Ginush Arakelyan

Contact: barcelona@fsnetwork.org