FSČR (Formation et Sensibilisation Česká Republika) is a member organization of the FSN (Formation et Sensibilisation Network) which was created in Luxembourg. FSČR aims to empower young people and foster a society based on principles of human rights, respect for diversity, and a sense of responsibility for the social and natural environment. It started its actions in 2021. The core goal of FSČR is to promote inclusivity, integration, and coexistence while celebrating the richness of diversity in the Czech Republic. To achieve its goal, FSČR utilizes non-formal education as one of its main working methods. The organization focuses on facilitating international education, youth, and cultural exchanges to raise awareness about human rights education, civic participation, cross-cultural dialogue, integration, and peacebuilding. FSČR seeks to foster collaboration and cooperation with European and international organizations, as well as other professional and public bodies, in order to effectively achieve its objectives. The beneficiaries of FSČR are youth and youth workers. FSČR places a particular emphasis on including individuals from social, ethnic, and cultural minority groups in their projects and events. FSČR operates with a dedicated team of individuals with extensive expertise and experience in the field of youth and civic education, ensuring that all individuals feel welcome, supported, and encouraged to learn and interact within their community. FSČR extends an invitation to everyone in the Czech Republic, whether they have been part of the organization for some time or are new to it, to join them on their journey of positively impacting people’s lives through youth and civic education.

Head of the non-formal group: Arman Azizyan

Contact: czechrepublic@fsnetwork.org