FS Georgia (FSG) is an emerging and ambitious non-formal group that is committed to building a brighter future for the youth of Georgia. As a new member of the esteemed Formation et Sensibilisation Network (FSN), FSG aims to gain experience and expertise while drawing inspiration from the principles of human rights, diversity, and social responsibility upheld by the network.

Although relatively new, FSG is driven by a strong vision to make a positive impact on the lives of young people in Georgia. They believe in the power of non-formal education to empower and equip the youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing world.

While acknowledging that they may not have the same level of experience as some established organizations, FSG is determined to learn, grow, and evolve. They are eager to take on new challenges and explore innovative approaches to youth development and civic education.

FSG understands the significance of collaboration and seeks partnerships with local and international organizations, as well as with individuals who share their passion for youth empowerment. By forging strong alliances, they aspire to leverage collective knowledge and resources to create a more significant impact on the youth of Georgia.

The driving force behind FSG is a group of enthusiastic individuals who are committed to making a difference in their community. They are driven by their dedication to youth development and their belief in the potential of the youth to shape a brighter future for Georgia.

As FSG embarks on its journey, they warmly welcome young individuals, youth workers, and anyone interested in contributing to positive change to join their ranks. FSG is open to fresh perspectives, and they embrace diversity in all its forms.

With the support and inspiration of FSN and other experienced organizations, FSG aims to gain valuable insights and expertise to enhance their capacity for meaningful youth engagement and community development.

While they may be in the early stages of their journey, FSG is filled with optimism and enthusiasm. They understand that experience is gained over time, and they are committed to taking the necessary steps to learn, adapt, and grow as an organization.

Through their dedication and the support of the community, FSG aspires to build a strong foundation for the future, where the youth of Georgia can thrive, make their voices heard, and contribute positively to society. With determination and passion, FSG is poised to create a lasting impact and pave the way for a more empowered and enlightened generation of Georgian youth.

Head of the non-formal group: Asya Darbinyan

Contact: georgia@fsnetwork.org